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Todd Irwin, Owner and founder of Irwin Code Consulting, brings a unique set of skills and experience from his career thus far. With a construction background, Todd was able to utilize his knowledge as a contractor to secure a position with the City of Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections as a Combined Construction Inspector in 2014. While working directly with the City of Pittsburgh, Todd was able to expand his education on city code and obtain 6 professional code certifications that apply statewide. He was also able to gain invaluable firsthand experience with the City’s inspection processes, record keeping techniques and department systems all while building long term relationships.

In 2018, Todd pursued his real estate license as a way to help his wife who was full-time in the industry. Working closely with buyers and sellers in both residential as well as commercial real estate, Todd was able to gain an understanding of how the permitting, licenses and inspections processes of the City directly impacted residents, building owners and developers.

He recognized a gap of comprehensible information regarding permit and code issues. By combining all of his experience, Todd decided to create a company that could be the missing link that those looking to buy or sell real estate, renovate, reconstruct or develop in the City of Pittsburgh could utilize to ensure their projects are code compliant and progressing in the most efficient manner. Todd was born and raised in the City of Pittsburgh, and still currently resides there with his wife, Heather. He is excited to use his skills and knowledge to continue to assist the people of Pittsburgh through Irwin CC. 




Irwin Code Consulting offers virtual audits of the Occupancy Permit and Building Permit process within the City of Pittsburgh "COP" by providing you with an easy & comprehensive report.


We are pleased to announce, Irwin Code Consulting has been officially approved as a Third Party Agency to conduct Residential and Commercial Storm Water Inspections in the City of Pittsburgh.


A general service that covers a wide array of Building Code projects. Each project will be unique and have its own set of requirements and can be offered in the City of Pittsburgh & its surrounding areas.

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